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In 2017 I, Pétur Már Guðmundsson, met Margaret Wilsson an American professor and author. She has written about Stokkseyri focusing on the women that lived here mainly Þuríði “foreman” Einarsdóttir and Þórdísi Markúsdóttur, Stokkseyrar-Dísa. It was while talking with her that the idea about a website such as this was born. Dedicated to Stokkseyri of course but also the rich history found here as well the companies and activities that can be found in Stokkseyri. She pointed out to me the map drawn by Ómar Smára Kristinsson and Nina Ivanova. I am truly grateful to those artists for allowing me to make use of their map.

The purpose of this site is to mediate both history and heritage along with the various activities and services that is available in Stokkseyri. Stokkseyri´s vibrant history is as relevant today as it ever was. Stokkseyri has a lot to offer to any visitor and the role of the site is to be an introduction.

Text and pictures were put into place by Pétur Már Guðmundsson

Design and programming were in the capable hands of Brian Suda

The Stokkseyri.is received a grant from Uppbyggingarsjóður Suðurlands in spring 2018

For further information or questions please contact:

pieturmar@gmail.com / s: 8988776